Mary Ellen C. September 23, 2018 

"My husband's mother, uncle and aunt have all experienced Grace Park's superb care and compassion for their residents. We can't even imagine having them anywhere but at Grace Park."

Eliabeth J. September 21, 2018 

"My mom was at Grace Park for 3 years and it is absolutely amazing!" "I can recommend without any hesitation!"

Char C. September 20, 2018

I love Grace Park it's a bed and breakfast for seniors. Absolutely beautiful.
"My Mom was there as well sad to say not for long. She loved it !! You can literally feel love, compassion and caring Grace Park will forever be in my heart. Crystal and her team are amazing, that's what makes Grace Park so unique. Thank you for what you do." ?

KarenDoc January 12, 2015

I am a friend or relative of resident
"My Dad moved into Grace Park several months ago. He is 88 with multiple serious chronic diseases. We looked at several assisted living places and this was, by far, the best. I learned that is a private, family-owned business and I've talked with one of the owners at family-day events (these seem to be held once every 2-3 months, where families are invited to enjoy a special meal and event with their loved one). I also see him regulary when I go to visit my Dad. Clean, with home-y decorations, friendly staff, on-site RN, and medical check-ups, blood work. They offer a full range of care levels, from independent cottage living, to the more typical supportive care, and finally to hospice and lock-down Alzheimer's care. Cost increases with level of care and size of room. Cost seems average to slightly higher than average. Social activities daily. Off-site activities like shopping, movies, special events. Weekly transportation to doctor appointments. I've eaten lunch with him 2 times and the food is good. They adjust meals to special diets. Some caregivers provide services on site, like a podiatrist. There is a salon, and weekly Christian worship services. The other residents are generally friendly. I am extremely happy with this place! His quality of life, socially, emotionally, and physically, is much higher than when he was living on his own in an apartment, with home health aides coming to help out. If I ever need assisted living, Grace Park is where I would choose to go!"

Ronald11 October 28, 2014
I visited this facility
"We were able to check Grace Park and look at some of the rooms. We liked it. That's one of the places that we're looking at. It looked nice. It is on the main street but yet when you're in the village, it is like you're off the main street, which is nice."

Linda63175950 July 26, 2013
I am a friend or relative of a resident
"Mom is 93 and she's been staying in a place in our hometown called Grace Park and it is somewhere I know she will be comfortable. It's a fairly good size establishment and it has lots of people around. The people are helpful and they have registered nurses. The fundamentals of taking care and treatment of elderly there are good. I am very pleased so far. My mom could easily go into a nursing home, but they are trying to keep her active and moving. They encourage her to walk to the dining room and if she can't make it to the dining room, they will provide a meal for her. They have a doctor to go there to check them. They got a very active social life. They have transportation for trips to do shopping. They even have beauty parlors for them. May be they just need to improve on the inter-personal relationships with the families and could use additional staff, but they've done a pretty good job so far and my mom is happy there. It's a bit costly, but I recommend it to others."